Media is playing its part in the war against corruption

Without the media, it would be hard to dismantle corruption networks in the country

In Summary

• Media highlights cases of corruption leading to prosecution of those responsible. 

• It also educates Kenyans on what to expect from their leaders and funds allocated for their benefit. 

Corruption is dangerous
INFORMED PUBLIC: Corruption is dangerous
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Corruption all over the world is a big challenge. In Kenya, corruption networks are not only complex but viciously fight back and are thus hard to dismantle. The media in Kenya today has become of age and thus a critical player in the fight against corruption.

Without the media, it would be hard to dismantle corruption networks in the country. Media is an influencer and Kenyans are now holding leaders to account because the media has been educating them on what to expect from their leaders.

Today, the media is allocating time and space highlighting corruption cases and offering editorial opinions that are meant to educate Kenyans on why they need to reject leaders who are corrupt. The war on graft cannot be won without the participation of the media which has been playing a vital part in creating awareness as well as putting the government in check and pressuring it to prosecute corruption cases.

It is now clear that in today’s handling of media gatekeeping at various levels of management and the editorial has improved; that is why many corruption stories are reported. However, the media is still experiencing numerous challenges such as political influence.

Kenya has huge economic potential which we cannot realise with corruption. The corruption challenges we are currently experiencing provide vital lessons and it is about time the menace was addressed once and for all.

Winning the war will require the kind of collective action usually reserved for national emergencies because the far-reaching implications of corruption will not only affect the country’s creditworthiness but also its long term development plans. The media is playing its part, let everyone else join in.