Prof Makau Mutua’s articles about DP reflect bitterness

His constant negativity about Ruto raises question of whether he is on a warpath to tarnish his name

In Summary

• The writer claims DP's donations are dirty 'because the source of his money is unknown'. 

• He wrote that Uhuru and Ruto would not be elected due to ICC cases, yet they are now the top leaders. 

Professor Makau Mutua
NEGATIVITY: Professor Makau Mutua
Image: FILE

Columnist Makau Mutua has drawn the attention of many following his continuous negative analysis on Deputy President William Ruto.

The columnist appears to have an enormous political chip in his shoulder especially when it comes to matters relating to Ruto. His continuous negative analysis of the DP shows the writer is not fair and objective making one wonder whether he is on a warpath to discredit Ruto’s personal character, for instance, his latest article titled, ‘Church morality and mystery source of Ruto’s colossal tithes ’ which appeared in last Sunday’s Nation.

The author claims the money the Deputy President is donating in churches is ‘dirty’ as its source remains unknown. Claiming the clerics received the loot “as though it was manna from heaven” is a clear indication Mutua has no respect for the house of the Lord.

The writer should go further and tell the courts what he knows about the money Ruto has and not use such cases to tarnish the DP’s image as he eyes for the top seat. None of Mutua’s articles has ever reflected the true picture as far as politics, corruption or any other issue he writes about.

For instance, in one of his past articles published before the last general election, he claimed that Kenyans would never elect Uhuru and Ruto because of the ICC cases. But that came to pass and we all know how it turned out; the two are Kenya’s top leaders.

He also claimed in another article that the Kalenjin nation would never rally behind Ruto, but to his surprise, the Kalenjin nation voted overwhelmingly for the two leaders.

From the look of things, he is so bitter with Ruto that he has to spread negativity about him, and this paints his values as a writer in a bad light.