‘Hardship fee’ for jobless youths will encourage idleness

Paying them Sh3,000 after four months is equating them with the elderly who worked and retired

In Summary

• Governments could give them small chores such as cleaning the streets to earn some cash for survival. 

• Giving them free money will not teach them lessons on working hard. 

Angered youths looting charcoal from a lorry in Mwingi
LESSON ON EARNING: Angered youths looting charcoal from a lorry in Mwingi
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I strongly agree with Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa’s proposal to pay diploma and degree graduates absorbed as interns a monthly stipend of Sh25,000 because apart from internship, it would give the learner practical skills and workplace experience.

I, however, differ from Saboti MP’s motion to award unemployed youths Sh3,000 hardship allowance after every four months. This is equating youths with elderly who pocket Sh2,000 paid after every two months.

This will encourage laziness and idleness. Paying the elderly can be justified by the fact that they worked very hard in their ‘energy- days’ but paying youths is not.

Both the national and county governments should give the youths chores such as cleaning towns to earn some coins for survival.