Student loses most when attachment is not taken seriously

Sometimes students don't attend at all and end up with 'cooked' marks

In Summary

• Attachment is vital as it allows the student to put in practice the theory they learned in class. 

• It loses meaning when students are not guided on what to do, not assessed or assessed outside their station. 

Campus students in lecture room
PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE: Campus students in lecture room
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Attachment is a basic component anyone pursuing any course at the university must fulfil before completing the course. It gives attachees a chance to put in practice the theory learned in class.

However, it’s slowly losing its meaning due to the manner in which it’s done. Some of the shortcomings are wrongful placement of attachees, lack of proper guidance on what they are expected to do, lack of assessment, assessments done in places other than attachment stations, lack of appropriate tools and uncooperativeness at the attachment stations.

Worse even, some students don’t go for attachment and end up with ‘cooked’ marks. All these practices defeat the purpose of attachment in which the ultimate loser is the student.

Bungoma tutor