Use vital factors of revenue sharing to unlock stalemate

CRA has a sole mandate to define the basis of division of revenue and is consulted by Senate

In Summary

• Governors should show what they've done with past allocations in order to get more. 

• Claims of corruption in counties not enough reason to deny them cash as money is lost in the national government also. 

Members of the National Assembly and Senators in the chambers
UNLOCK IMPASSE: Members of the National Assembly and Senators in the chambers
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If vital factors were considered in allocating money to counties, there would be no stalemate between MPs and senators.

The magnitude of the functions is key in allocating funds because effective service delivery cannot be achieved without enough funds. The role of the Commission on Revenue Allocation should be respected.

The National Assembly should not oppose the resolution of the Senate since CRA is consulted by them when deciding the basis of revenue allocation. The claims that counties are corrupt is not a solid reason to deny them resources.

There is also corruption in the national government, so public resources are not safe either way. Governors must show how they have spent funds given to them before they receive more.