Police should stop harassing women found out at night

There is no declared curfew in the town and women too can walk the streets at night

In Summary

• Police officers should go for the men abetting prostitution, not any woman on the street. 

• Even the sex workers are out making a living, except its not a decent one. 

Commercial sex workers on a Nairobi street on April 4
ARE NOT RAPISTS: Commercial sex workers on a Nairobi street on April 4
Image: FILE

A sex worker does not force any man to go to bed with her. Thika is a fast growing town; the beauty of a fast developing city comes with beautiful twilights as flowers and decorations.

Police should refrain from carrying swoops on any girl walking on the streets of Thika, especially at night. They should instead go for men who abet the act, and the culprits must be caught in the act.

There’s no curfew declared in Thika. It allows freedom of movement 24/7 and the only crime those women are committing is not having more decent jobs. Innocent women are suffering at the hands of police officers just for being out past dark.

This does not make them guilty of any crime. Officers are just taking advantage of their position of power to instil fear in our women.