Gullibility of most Kenyans will lead them to early graves

We are ready to believe there's a cure for HIV, knowing the virus mutates very fast

In Summary

• Cases such as the petrol fires show that some Kenyans never learn even from tragedy. 

• Unprotected sex should be discouraged despite reports of new cures and vaccines. 

HIV virus in the bloodstream
NAIVETY: HIV virus in the bloodstream

Every time there are reports a new HIV drug has been invented, Kenyans run to the drugstore and get themselves a dose.

Then, believing they are safe, proceed to have unprotected sexual relations and end up depressed when the drug is said not to work. Unprotected sex should continue being discouraged.

In 1991, we discovered the HIV cure drug Kemrom and went up in celebration of the new-found cure for the killer virus. Shortly after, it was tested and found to be no better than a placebo.

Let’s stop being misled by fake reports. Prevention is better than cure.