Varsity reforms meant to improve quality of education

Expansion of universities has led to an increase in programmes, making their quality questionable

In Summary

• 'Massification' of education has led to deteriorating of the quality offered in universities, 

• Varsities should check the calibre of students they admit, the teaching staff and that the programmes they offer align with CUE's standards. 

Education CS George Magoha
VARSITY MERGER: Education CS George Magoha

The expansion of universities has been signified by an increased number of academic programmes hence making the quality of the output debatable.

Stakeholders have raised concerns over the quality of education due to the now regarded as ‘massification’ of education. CS George Magoha has proposed mergers, closure of some institutions and eventual rationalisation of academic programmes and the workforce in varsities.

A university cements its position by being above bond on its quality of whom it admits, how it teaches and what it examines.