People pushed to suicide because we no longer converse

Africans have a culture of conversing with parents or peers but times have changed

In Summary

• Survivors should not be treated as criminals, problem behind it should be sought and solved. 

• Citizens should learn to be happy with life and not material things, lack of which pushes people into depression. 

A noose

Suicide is now a pandemic in Kenya that neither knows neither age nor gender. Interior CS Fred Matiang’i, attending a fundraiser at Nyagisenda SDA church in Kitutu Chache North constituency on Saturday, raised concern on the same.

Whether it is caused by depression, campus pressure, low economic status or poor parenting, it is no justification and it is never a solution. Africans have had a culture of conversing, seeking guidance from fellow members of the age group or elders.

Boys would talk to their fathers, uncles and grandfathers and the girls would approach their mothers, aunts and grandmothers. It is the loss of these cultures that have left generations imagining that suicide is an option. Today, you have to mind your own business.

You have to live your life as an individual. Who you marry, the work you do, your investments, goals, health, spirituality is all your burden. We have to redefine the meaning of life.

If parenting has been left for teachers both in boarding and day schools, let it be incorporated in the curriculum to enable upcoming generations to learn that life has full meaning in itself. That it is not the job you have, the houses you’ve built and the hotels you go to but rather contentment and appreciation which basically results in happiness.

As the nation works to find solutions to these, start as an individual. You do not have to attempt suicide and be saved before going for counselling sessions; go in advance. Talk to family members and friends.

The government should also not treat survivors as criminals but try to investigate the intent for a permanent effective solution to be established. Accurate statistics should also be recorded to give the matter the attention it deserves.


Intern, the Star