Taxman’s upgraded platform laudable for reduced queues

In past years, KRA offices have been flooded especially on the last day as people try to beat the deadline

In Summary

• KRA implemented the system in 2014 with a view to enhancing, among other tax administrative functions, tax returns filing and tax payment. 

• Kenyans are ot averse to technological advancements as portrayed in the past, they just need a simplified process. 

The KRA headquarters at the Times Tower
SIMPLIFIED PROCESS: The KRA headquarters at the Times Tower
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For the first time in a long while, Kenyans did not flock KRA offices on the due date to submit their annual income tax returns.

Before the system was put in place in 2014, taxpayers were required to manually fill out tax returns. The process was not only tedious but also took up a lot of the taxpayers’ time. ‘No more queues’ was one of the most memorable tag lines that were used in the iTax sensitisation campaigns.

A key takeaway is that Kenyans are not averse to technological advancements as it has been portrayed in the past. All they need are simplified processes to cater to the needs of all people.

Since the iTax technology was put in place, KRA has apparently been working round the clock to simplify the various processes supported by the system, especially returns filing.