State should provide free public internet in all major towns

Internet should be part of development agenda for the sake of the economy

In Summary

• This will foster the growth of more businesses and hence will improve the national tax grid. 

• Thorough research should, however, be carried out to lock out hackers. 

Free Wi-Fi
GROWTH: Free Wi-Fi

There is a shortfall in the provision of the internet in major cities.

As we focus on the Big Four agenda, there is also a need to lay focus on the provision of public internet connection all over the country, with a key interest in major cities and town.

This will foster the growth of more businesses hence improving the national tax grid. This is, however, a task that the ICT ministry led by Joe Mucheru needs to invest heavily in.

Thorough research is important to assure that no infiltration will be experienced by users since hackers will be on the move to attain maximum benefit.


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