MCA’s image of Ruto an example of early politicking

Police should not cave to pressure from supporters to release him

In Summary

• Graffiti was a violation of the Constitution as President Uhuru Kenyatta is the Commander-In-Chief. 

• Painting the image on his car an early politics move. 

Witeithie Ward MCA Julius Macharia, known as Taki, at Thika law courts on Tuesday
EARLY POLITICS: Witeithie Ward MCA Julius Macharia, known as Taki, at Thika law courts on Tuesday

A few days ago, police in Thika arrested the Weteithie MCA for displaying the graffiti portrait of Deputy President William Ruto in full military uniform, a Kenyan flag and a jet fighter overflying on his Matatu vehicle. Below the portrait, two Kiswahili words ‘Tuko Tayari’ were printed.

As it has become a trend in our country, this matter would immediately take a political angle. After visiting the MCA in the police cell, his supporters under the banner of ‘Dr William 100 per cent’ would demand his immediate release and threaten to hold a demonstration along Thika Superhighway if their call is not heeded. However, the police would continue to hold the MCA as per the orders issued by the magistrate to hold him for more five days to allow for investigations. It seemed the supporters were given good and sound legal advice.

That’s why they would not make good their threat. When the matter is in court, the wheels of justice must be allowed to take their full course. The police had made the right decision to arrest the MCA. He violated the National Flag, Emblems and Names Act Cap 99 of the law of Kenya. For now, apart from being the head of state, President Uhuru Kenyatta is the Commander-In-Chief of the Defence Forces.


Portraying anyone else as such, especially when that person has presidential ambitions, is early politicking. So, a Kenyan, who would suggest that another leader deserves or should be given these titles, is in violation of these provisions. When you brand a vehicle with DP’s portrait in military fatigue, you send a picture to the public that Ruto is the one running the government.

As such, the MCA’s action was annoying, unacceptable and should be punished. 

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