The forceful push of CBC raises suspicion of cartels in sector

Everyone expected that Magoha, with all his experience, would do things differently

In Summary

• South Africa tried to force new systems into a not-ready-country and it backfired only six months after take off. 

• Magoha is forcing projects on people instead of involving stakeholders. 

Education CS George Magoha during on January 8
CARTELS: Education CS George Magoha during on January 8

The Competency-Based Curriculum has brought a hit in the Ministry of Education pitting teachers’ unions against the government.

Though the plan to switch curricula could be good, it is the manner in which it is being pushed that continues to raise suspicion. When former CS Amina Mohamed started this while serving at the docket, she received her fair share of resistance from unions led by the Kenya National Union of Teachers which has since stood firm. 

The unmoved Wilson Sossion has tabled so many pertinent issues that any right-thinking leader serving in the capacity of George Magoha must consider, among them infrastructural and training of enough human resource.

CBC makes it a must for a teacher to test students by the end of every learning activity, but with the high number of pupils in public institutions, I wonder how this can be possible. If anything, public schools are going to die a natural death in the advent of this new curriculum.

One would ask this question, if the 8-4-4 system is not yet perfected by now, why would anyone rush to switch to something new? Has evaluation been done properly to warrant this? Magoha, whom Kenyans and President Uhuru Kenyatta himself had banked on beyond expectations, could find himself between a rock and a hard surface if not careful. South Africa tried to go this way forcing new systems into a not-ready-country and it backfired only six months after take off.

This country, being a business home, every sector has been invaded by powerful cartels who sit in a boardroom, decide who must be a minister, and then start to move a national agenda through the same individuals. I am not aware if Magoha could be a victim of this, but it is very likely.