Traffic officers using their bodies as red lights is risky

Sabasaba traffic lights have not been repaired three months since they broke down

In Summary

• Traffic marshall sometimes allows a single lane more time than others. 

• Mornings are disorganised as every road user is in a rush. 

A traffic police officer inspects a matatu
FIX BROKEN LIGHTS: A traffic police officer inspects a matatu
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It is now almost three months since Sabasaba traffic lights broke down. This has occasioned delays of to and from town and in the environs.

The government should take responsibility and repair the lights before an accident occurs. Before a traffic police officer or a county marshall reports to work in the morning, there is mayhem and disorganisation all over as each vehicle wants to pass and each road user is in a rush.

This results in a traffic marshall sometimes only allowing a single lane more time than another. Sometimes the police officer or the traffic marshall has to use his body to stop a lane. This endangers the life of the police officer. Let those tasked in repairing the traffic lights make haste and repair them before someone gets hurt and to save time.