Ruto should beware of con allies plotting to wreck his career

Some of his allies spoke ill of him in the past and are now singing his praise

In Summary

• The future of his house will be influenced by people he brings inside. 

• Political cons are out to dip their hands into his ambitious drawers then leave him deflated. 

DP Ruto William Ruto
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Deputy President William Ruto must be cautious of the political wave he has created; a political avalanche now rumbling, ready to smoothen boulders on its path.

His foes are watching, fixing the loose bolts before leashing their lethal arsenal. Again, there is a danger of riding on a mammoth wave, which will ultimately spiral out of control, to begin eating itself from within.

A number of political outfits have crumbled prematurely, unable to contain and control their own growth. A wave can die, when it loses momentum, is sabotaged or falters on its own. Individuals within can also influence it’s direction, depending on their loyalty, character or internal competition as people jostle for power and attention.

Already, Ruto has a delicate balance to play as people wait to see who will become his running mate. This may be the deciding moment, in an ethnic-driven political system such as ours. Others may feel slighted and begin to grumble. It can be a major undoing, enough to puncture the wave.

Ruto is endowed with a financial war chest to match. Political cons are heading his way, to dip their fingers in the drawers. He must be wary of such characters, who will jump ship, after meeting their financial or political needs. Kenya is known for political prostitution and ‘tumbocrats’. The political conmen can perform a Houdini and vanish in thin air, a magical fete they have learned and perfected over the years.

Here you find the likes of Aisha Jumwa and Boni Khalwale, who spoke unprintable words against the DP in the last two elections and are now behaving like saints, edging closer to the inner core.

I would not trust such friends. They are just leeches and political opportunists. They can also be moles planted to deflate the ship.