Lucrative charcoal trade has turned locals to heathens

Illegal trade destroying the environment.

In Summary

• Rivers drying up due to deforestation. 

• Nema should step in and return church to the community. 

A trader stands next to some charcoal
ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION: A trader stands next to some charcoal

A good number of rivers which used to flow throughout the year in Soin, Kericho, are drying up due to human activity.

The booming charcoal business is largely to blame. Kapkawa centre is one of the largest charcoal markets. Traders here have even turned Kabosenwo Catholic Church into a charcoal store due to the lucrative nature of the business. Charcoal is on high demand due to the cold weather.

Despite being illegal, the vendors carry on with their business without fear of being arrested, thanks to corruption. The police collect bribes to allow the vendors to continue with their illegal business at the expense of our environment. The National Environmental Management Authority and the government should step in to save the trees and return the church to the community.