Shut down facilities selling stress pills to street children

Pharmacies selling antidepressants to children doing more harm than good

In Summary

•These operators say the effects of pills is better than that of glue. 

•These pills will cause mental illness later in life. 

Drugs on the shelf in a chemist in Nairobi
EFFECTS OF ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Drugs on the shelf in a chemist in Nairobi
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It is sad that some pharmacies in Meru county can justify selling antidepressant pills to street children.

Their argument is that they are better than sniffing glue and because their effects last longer and do not cause them stigma.

The after effects of these pills will come back later in life in the form of mental illness, killings, robbery and death.  Residents advise visitors not to go to Gikoromone at night because it is dangerous.

This results in insecurity. Therefore Meru security personnel should arrest owners of these pharmacies and close them down. Their love is money, not the life of future generations.