Kenyans are not fully convinced governors cannot track funds

If a governor cannot handle their county, they shouldn't be given the whole country to manage.

In Summary

• Those employed to handle accounts have experience so technicalities should not be an excuse. 

• Theft of public funds makes voters regret putting leaders in their positions. 

Illustration of loss of funds
UNACCOUNTED FOR: Illustration of loss of funds

The technicalities claimed by county bosses towards fictitious spending are hard to believe. Kenyans elected leaders who were supposed to be responsible. Being a county boss means you have people in every department and are able to tell what they are doing; especially in a matter of such importance as public funds. 

Those employed to handle accounts and information systems have 10 years experience. Such situations leave voters with regrets of claiming devolution. If a leader can not handle a county, what shall we expect when elected at the national level?