Struggling Kenyans is the biggest sign of failed leadership

Leaders seem to forget why they are elected when they see a huge amount of money

In Summary

• Kenyans have to bear to watch their leaders grilled everyday over theft of public funds.

• No leader should be at peace when his electorate is starving.  

Kenyans at a campaign
CHOOSE ME; I NEED RENT!: Kenyans at a campaign
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It is shameful that Members of Parliament are misusing public funds amounting to Sh932 million to add themselves allowances while most of their electorates are languishing in poverty.

How can a leader sit and eat comfortably with reports of his electorate dying of starvation? Well, I guess they can. And they can also sit in the House and ask for more money to fund their lavish homes without a twinge of guilt. 

If leadership is about service, shouldn’t they first cater to the needs of the people they serve first? Otherwise, we are just choosing who sells best their reason to get rich from our taxes every season.

If so, I would choose myself! As would every Kenyan.  Prioritise the needs of the electorate, we put you in power precisely for that. That’s what service is.