MPs on sane-insane seesaw fighting for then robbing voters

MPs put on a show when complaining of their people's problems and are the first to steal from them.

In Summary

• Asking for more house allowances is insanity; backdating it to 2017 is something else. 

• Senate, counties and auditors playing a cat-and-mouse game with public funds. 

Parliament proceedings
CAT AND MOUSE: Parliament proceedings
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Our MPs have perfected the art of eloquence, especially when it comes to complaining about the hard economic times that a commoner on the street goes through. It, therefore, defeats logic when such MPs not only increase their allowances but backdate it to October 2017.

If the MPs are sane, then it is us who are insane. What then is left for a hapless mwananchi? 

The glaring discrepancy in the budget of a county government such as of Kiambu should warrant censure from all quarters of the sane people in the country.

For the deputy president to come to the defence of a governor whose office has drawn such a nebulous budget under the scrutiny of the Senate, then there is insanity either with the Senate or the deputy president.