Expensive seeds crush farmers’ relief of rains finally falling

Both levels of government should assess the situation of rural farmers, avail affordable seeds

In Summary

•Politicians should do more than just show up at funerals. 

•Farmers who had planted before the rains might be counting losses already. 

Subsidised fertiliser at the NCPB depot in Eldoret
NO PLANTING, RAINS OR NO RAINS: Subsidised fertiliser at the NCPB depot in Eldoret
Image: FILE

Farmers are relieved after the long-awaited rains finally fell. The challenging part now is for farmers who are too poor to afford quality seeds and manure.

The farmers who are also voters had put hopes on the national and county governments to distribute the farm inputs. Their wait will be in vain unless the administrations supply them at affordable prices before the rains disappear.

Politicians should clean their perceived image of showing up at funerals but doing little to prevent deaths from hunger.

County governments are getting raw deals and gathering wealth overnight at the expense of the poor Wanjiku who is toiling for years to make a change.

The government should send agricultural officers to assess the situation and help farmers get seeds and help in realising one of the Big Four agenda.