Telling your kids ‘no’ will prepare them for life’s disappointments

Most young people have never had their demands shut down and act out when it happens for the first time

In Summary

• Parents of this generation are overprotective and treat their children as friends. 

• Exposure to the internet and unsupervised television plating a big role in spoiling kids. 

Youths hurl stones at the police during riots in Machakos
UNTAMED: Youths hurl stones at the police during riots in Machakos
Image: FILE

The Bible puts it clearly, “Those who spare the rod of discipline hate their children. Those who love their children care enough to discipline them.” I think parents have skipped a page on the parenting manual.

The rate at which youths are drowning in frustrations, drug abuse, homicide and suicide is alarming. This be the generation that was pampered; receiving everything they wanted at the snap of a finger. Such a generation whose buttocks have never been touched by the rod of correction.

They have never been told ‘No’ by their overprotective parents who treat them as friends. When such a child is told ‘No’ for the first time, they act out. Corporal punishment must be returned to our schools and homes to snap the youth back to sanity.