Issuance of Huduma Namba by Mpesa agents will save time

State should use Mpesa shops to stop the delays at Huduma Centres and register more people

In Summary

• It takes less than 10 minutes to register a Safaricom line. 

• Kenyans are giving up on Huduma because of the long process. 

People wait to be served at a Huduma Centre
LONG QUEUES: People wait to be served at a Huduma Centre

More than 21 million Kenyans have so far registered for Huduma Namba. More Kenyans have embraced the programme as its May 17 approaches.

The government is determined to register all Kenyans by the end of the exercise. This exercise is still bogged down by a lot of hiccups. If in Kenya there we are 40 million Kenyans, how will 20 million register in 25 days?

Let the government liaise with Safaricom to empower Mpesa shop owners to register people. Registering a Safaricom line takes between 5-10 minutes. People will turn up in large numbers when it's this fast.