Why Shariff is the best bet for chamber polls

In Summary

• Although Abdulwalli Shariff is soft-spoken, he is assertive.

• He believes in creating wealth by building business linkages.

Abdulwalli Shariff
Abdulwalli Shariff

As the election of the new Kenya National of Chamber of Commerce and Industry national chairman nears there is one candidate I am confident stands ahead of the pack given his track record in chamber’s business.

Although Abdulwalli Shariff is soft-spoken, he is a very assertive person. Having worked with him for decades, I know him as a man who believes in creating wealth by building business linkages. He believes in devolution as seen in his campaign declaration to work with county chambers and linking them with the counties and the national government.

Chamber members have always yearned to have a platform to exchange business ideas in and outside the country. Shariff has promised to establish a chamber investment company, which will promote international business exposure for members by organising foreign and local meetings with foreign businesses.


Through his company Tunasco, Shariff has business contacts in the European Union, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, UAE and Oman.

He has also promised to work with the counties by linking them with countries that will buy their produce through a country-county partnership. I like Shariff’s pledge to create wealth for members if he wins the forthcoming election. The current problem is that chamber members are not receiving trade benefits after electing officials. Shariff has promised to introduce a revenue-sharing arrangement between national and county chambers. He has proposed a 70:30 revenue sharing ratio between national and county chambers, with 70 per cent of revenues going to counties.

Jama is chairman, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Isiolo Chapter