What’s a church with a log in its eye to judge politicians?

Church leaders cannot interrogate the source of offering, it is throwing the first stone

In Summary

• Big churches have been fingered in reports of land grabbing. 

• Such churches cannot see the evil in politicians when they themselves are implicated. 

Peter Kenneth at a service at Nairobi Pentecostal Church, Ngong branch
SPECKED POLITICS: Peter Kenneth at a service at Nairobi Pentecostal Church, Ngong branch
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Where is honesty in our politics and matters of national importance?

Put differently, what is the yardstick for judging others when it comes to matters integrity?

Long ago, the so-called big churches were fingered in reports of land grab and the response Kenyans got from them was not inspiring.

Kenya is a majorly christian nation. While in church every other Sunday and even more in between the week, the same group has been accused of committing atrocities when tasked with protecting Kenyans and their resources.

So when some church leaders arrogate themselves the onus of interrogating the source of people’s offerings in the church, it is easy to understand the reason for such doublespeak.

Like when Jesus asked who among the flock had not sinned to throw the first stone and the story of talking about the speck in the brother’s eye yet leaving a log in own eye, it is clear that some few churches calling themselves mainstream have been captured by the dishonest politics.

The opposition has today taken a completely opposite direction from what they told Kenyans, with some even proposing oppression of those opposed to handshake.

Another case is that of Baringo Senator Gideon Moi using his father’s compound to campaign for a national seat.

When the deputy president wants to see Mzee Moi, he suddenly becomes too busy with his physiotherapist but when Ruto’s opposers seek audience the same is granted even before they utter the last word.

Turncoats, charlatans and later day ‘saints’ must be shamed and stopped in their tracks before they turn this country into their fiefdom. If such people want to lecture us on virtues of integrity, I feel sorry for this country. 

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