Politics is dirty; but netizens ‘killing’ the sick need cleansing

Politics is a dirty game, but using death to stage it is outright malevolent

In Summary

• There were claims Kibera MP Ken Okoth, who is recovering in hospital, had died.

• Sigma, hopelessness from social media interfere with recovery process.

Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris with Kibera MP Ken Okoth at a past event
HE IS STILL ALIVE: Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris with Kibera MP Ken Okoth at a past event

It is abashing that social media is littered with the false pronouncements of Kibera MP Ken Okoth’s death. The legislator is battling colorectal cancer in France. It is also appalling and callous that the death claims are politically instigated. Well, politics is a dirty game with no morals, but staging it at the height of death is not only disturbing but also malevolent. Some social media users, especially on Twitter, should be cleansed and induced with benevolent acts that form the basis of societal fabrics.

Cancer is consuming many lives and its indirect effects are adverse economic deprivation coupled with stigma and hopelessness. Some citizens are bracing the disease and are enlisted as cancer warriors. With solid support from their siblings, the battle is bearing fruits. The only indicter is the netizens who are very loose with speculations.

Before the death of former Migori Senator Ben Oluoch Okello in June last year, he fought throat cancer with a lot of strength. The same case is attributed to other known personalities; like former Nyeri Governor Nderitu Gachagua who succumbed to pancreatic cancer and veteran journalist Waweru Mburu, from gastric cancer.  Perhaps what mesmerised most Kenyans is the top-notch campaign which dominated Kisumu county when Governor Anyang’ Nyongo was getting treatment after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The trend of early resignation is setting a bad precedent, Kenyans should always portray optimism with a strong conviction that each problem has a solution. Preventive measures must be emphasised. Seeking regular medical check-ups and getting vaccinated is also a novelty; and standing with those suffering to the end plays a big part in their recovery.