Talk and no action on graft surprises Kenyans less everytime

In Summary


The State of the Nation address should be objective and substantially devoid of rhetorical war on graft. Let me particularly use a classical analogy of mosquitoes, bedbugs, ticks and others. These insects and pests sometimes develop resistance and adaptability to certain insecticides and pesticides. This is normally occasioned by regular and incessant application or usage of such chemicals improperly and aimlessly. The above reference depicts the Kenyan scenario at the moment. Most of the citizens are tired of daily reports on corruption, followed by thorough bashing and tongue lashing from the head of state with little or no action at all. Kenyans are treading the insects and pests’ way by showing no further shock whenever graft is mentioned. Since the inception of the Jubilee regime, billions of shillings have been lost. Most of the state agencies are embroiled in multi-million scandals and the worst of it is that perpetrators are still free. It is through this backdrop that any utterance that relates to purging graft will appear void during the President's State of the Nation address. Plenty talk and less action is rubbing the government the wrong way. The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network last month ranked Kenya as the happiest country in East Africa, 17th in sub-Saharan Africa and 121st globally. This is a clear indication that despite demeaning and confronting corruption intricacies, our beloved country is living by it. The President should dwell on essential life-touching matters in his address. For instance, ending poverty and ensuring there is no hunger would be prudential to top the list. Universal Healthcare and Competency-Based Curriculum should close the list. Very precise and has an impact, direct life-changing tenets and above all, very inclusive, resilience and sustainable.