NTSA should train road users on handling emergencies

In Summary


The recent road accidents are pointers to how poorly prepared our drivers are to handle eventualities. The latest carnage at Matuu, Machakos county, left 14 people dead. The driver of their bus hit a stalled trailer whose crew had allegedly not displayed lifesavers.

Less than a week ago, another truck smashed a 14-seater matatu at Kikopey, killing 11 people.  Again, this calls into question the kind of drivers entrusted with machines that, if not well handled, are killers on our roads.

The use of road signage, regulatory, mandatory and warning signs is of utmost importance on all roads.

Trucks play a critical role in our infrastructure. However, with the havoc they are wreaking on the roads, emphasis should be on ensuring that all truck drivers and crew are well qualified, not just to drive but also to handle the vehicles competently in case of emergencies like stalling, tyre bursts, failed brakes, etc.

The first few moments of road accidents determine the course events that follow. Timely erection of appropriate warning signs so that other road users become aware of the situation is critical. This enables other road users to make suitable judgments.

The National Transport and Safety Authority has been holding awareness campaigns for different categories of road users. It is time the parastatal educated truck crews and other road users on appropriate action and response during unanticipated events on the road. This will prevent accidents and damage.