Board was right to cancel hiring of nurses at Pumwani

In Summary

• It is a common international practice that institutions which own training institutions give priority to their alumni in employment

Pumwani Maternity Hospital
Pumwani Maternity Hospital
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Recent recruitment carried out by Pumwani Maternity Hospital has left a lot to be desired about the manner in which the whole exercise was managed. The agony that they made their former students go through should not be allowed to happen.

Despite the students and their parents investing their time, money and effort to go through training at the institution, they are given a wide berth when it comes to employment.

It is an international common practice that institutions that own training institutions give priority to their alumni in matters employment. But the criteria used by Pumwani in their recent shortlisting of the candidates appear absurd and corrupted.

My daughter trained in the institution for three-and-a-half years, graduated and was registered by the Nursing Council. She did her attachment and even later an internship at Pumwani Maternity Hospital and has a working experience of three years.

How could you even convince somebody that she could not make it to the list of 304 people who were shortlisted for Nursing Officer III? 

It was a bold and welcomed move for the County Public Service Board to have cancelled the recruitment because there was every indication to malpractices.

In the future, recruitments at Nairobi county must be done in a manner that inspires public confidence in the county government.