Protestors should now stop demonstrations

Protestors should call off their demonstrations now that they have succeeded in getting the Finance Bill withdrawn.

In Summary

• President Ruto has written to Parliament withdrawing the unpopular Finance Bill

• Cancellation of tax rises was the main demand of the protests which have rocked Kenya over the last two weeks

Youths protest against the Finance Bill in Bomet town on Tuesday.
AGENDA: Youths protest against the Finance Bill in Bomet town on Tuesday.

President Ruto has withdrawn the Finance Bill in response to the demonstrations of the last two weeks. It is commendable that he has listened to the widespread protests against his government's proposed tax rises.

Even if the tax rises were forced upon him by the cost of repaying the national debt (which increased from  $12 billion to $72 billion between 2013 and 2022), they were not popular. The tax rises were too much, too fast. It is right that his government is having a rethink over taxation although budget cuts are now inevitable.

The anti-Finance Bill protestors have now achieved their main goal by getting the tax rises stopped. Unfortunately their demands have now morphed into the complete removal of the Ruto government which is  never going to happen.

The protestors argue that the government must go because it is extravagant and wasteful but this is also true of all past governments.

Moreover the democratic time to get rid of a government is at elections every five years.

The demonstrators have succeeded in stopping the Finance Bill. They should choose representatives who can meet President Ruto to decide the best way forward. In the meantime they should call off their demonstrations.

Quote of the day: "Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong."

Jean-Jacques Rousseau
The Swiss philosopher was born on June 28, 1712

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