Tarmac existing road around Aberdares park

In Summary

• A court has suspended a new road that cuts through the Aberdare National Park

• Environmentalists have complained that the road will damage a fragile ecosystem 

One of the waterfalls in the Aberdare ecosyatem
One of the waterfalls in the Aberdare ecosyatem

The Environment court in Nyeri has again suspended the construction of a new road through the Aberdare National Park from Ikithe to Ndunyu. About 33 km of the 98km road goes through the park.

The case, led by the East African Wildlife Society, seeks to overturn the Nema approval for the road given to Kenha in January.

The objections to the new road are primarily environmental as it passes through a fragile ecosystem and will affect 185 acres of bamboo, 35 acres of montane forest, and 35 acres of moorland.

Roads always bring development in their wake. Trading centres and fuel stations are bound to spring up in the park.

But the main reason for objecting is that it is a waste of money. There is already an existing murram road connecting Nyeri and Nyandarua - the Kariamu-Ndaragwa road. That can be upgraded at a third of the cost of the new road without damaging or entering the park. The time saving of the new road will be minimal.

So let's protect the environment and save money. Let's tarmac the existing road between Nyeri and Nyandarua and forget about the new road.

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