Last-mile delivery is good for Kenya

In Summary

• KPA intend intends to start door-to-door delivery for companies using Mombasa port

• Kenyan clearing agents and transporters are threatening to go on strike over the proposal

Clearing agents and transporters are threatening to go on strike at Mombasa if Kenya Ports Authority starts last-mile cargo delivery. 

Both the Kenya International Freight and Forwarding Association and the Kenya Transporters Association are bitterly opposed to the plan, which would allow importers and exporters to have goods collected from the point of origin and delivered to the ultimate destination.

This would speed up delivery – including to Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and South Sudan – because the shipping line, or freight agent, would pre-arrange customs clearance, warehousing and transport. 

This is not a monopolistic proposal, like ordering all Nairobi freight to be carried on the SGR. It is a competitive proposal that will be good for the consumer by speeding up freight traffic and reducing costs.

Freight forwarders and transporters can offer the same door-to-door service if they wish. If you can't beat them, compete with them. 

State companies, including KPA, should not be subsidised but nor should private companies be mollycoddled.

Mombasa clearing agents and transporters should up their game so they offer a better service than KPA and its Chinese partners. They should not use threats to block economic development.

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