Nuclear power is wrong for Kenya

In Summary

• The NUPEA want to build a 1,000 MW nuclear power station in Kilifi by 2034

• The cost will be between $2 and $4 billion, more than the $3.2 billion of the SGR

Forget the environmental problems, Kenya cannot afford a nuclear power station.

The Nuclear Power and Energy Authority is promising to deliver a 1 MW nuclear power station in Kilifi in 2034 between the Arabuko Sokoke forest and the Watamu marine park.

A 1,000 MW nuclear power station costs between $2 and $4 billion, more than the $3.2 billion cost of the SGR railway from Mombasa to Naivasha.

Kenya's present installed energy capacity is 863 MW of geothermal, 838 MW of hydro, 436 MW of wind, 2 MW of biomass, 173 MW of solar and 678 MW of thermal.

All of these are cheaper per kilowatt hour than nuclear. And Kenya has more geothermal capacity than any country except New Zealand and it is completely safe with zero carbon emissions.

Nuclear energy creates waste that takes over 1,000 years to degrade to a point where it is not harmful to humans. Add to that the Fukushima risk of a tsunami and the definite damage of hot water discharge into the marine park.

Nuclear power is not bad, it generates a lot of energy with no carbon emissions, but it is not right for Kenya today.

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