LSK should welcome Huduma legal work

In Summary

• Six Huduma centres will soon start providing basic legal services

• The LSK is opposing the development because they say that there should have been consultation first, including with advocates

People wait to be served at the Huduma Centre in Nairobi.
LEGAL SERVICES: People wait to be served at the Huduma Centre in Nairobi.
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The Law Society of Kenya has opposed some legal services being offered at  Huduma centres. The LSK says there should have been consultation before this happened.

Six Huduma centres  will now facilitate filing a new civil case, filing documents in an existing case, requesting and issuing summons, providing mention dates, general case inquiries, e-filing support,  payment of fines and deposits, and virtual court support.

Huduma centres make it much easier for citizens to access government  services. It is good that citizens are now being assisted with basic legal matters.

The LSK does not need to fear that its members will lose revenue as these are basic services at only a few Huduma centres which can already be accessed online.

Moreover citizens will still need to use smart lawyers to win civil suits and criminal cases. Their services will still be required. Indeed most citizens will probably prefer to use lawyers to handle routine matters so that all aspects of a case remain under one roof.

So the LSK should in fact welcome these steps by government to make legal services more accessible to citizens. It may actually bring lawyers more business if the law comes closer to the people.

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