Cost of living crisis is not going away

In Summary

• President Ruto said in church on Sunday that he has learned the importance of patience in implementing his pledges 

•KKenyans are complaining about multiple tax rises since Ruto took office

The cost of living is a global crisis affecting every country in the world. Although, as one commentator stated yesterday, the Kenyan voter does not care if the rise in the cost of living is international or not, the voter only cares about domestic matters.

Over the weekend, President Ruto said he now understands why it is taking so long to fulfil his promises after listening to a sermon in church (time and patience is necessary).

And Senate Speaker Amason Kingi urged Ruto not to back down on his tax increases, saying that the government that he inherited had virtually no cash in the bank.

It is certainly true that the government has lost popularity since taking power – the hustlers were promised a quick fix and were disappointed that they did not get it.

Of course, the government should be more concerned about optics. Long convoys and crowded foreign trips don’t look good when you are asking people to tighten their belts.

But patience is indeed the only answer. We can only suffer and hope that President Ruto relaxes the austerity measure before the next election.

Quote of the day: Failure at some point in your life is inevitable, but giving up is unforgivable.”

Joe Biden 
He was elected the 46th US President on November 7, 2020

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