Kenya should still join Haiti mission

In Summary

• The UN Security Council has approved Kenya to lead an international  peacekeeping force in Haiti

• Kenya has promised to send 1,000 police to Haiti which has been overrun by criminal gangs

Many people are getting cold feet about Kenya sending 1,000 polie officers to Haiti and leading a security mission  there. This is a mistake.

Firstly, the police officers will earn an international salary on top of their Kenya salary. Why should they be denied this financial opportunity?

Secondly, Kenya has a track record of international leadership in peacekeeping missions. The police who go to Haiti will be flying the flag for Kenya and raising the country's international profile

Thirdly, it is indeed a dangerous mission as over 100 criminal gangs are controlling Haiti today. The Kenya police has experience in handling gangsters. Moreover, as the former Foreign CS Alfred Mutua said, it is the duty of Africa to support the diaspora. Africa cannot leave Haiti to become a completely failed state.

However our police officers  must be properly supported when they go to Haiti. The UN Security Council has approved the mission but it is essentially an American operation. The Kenya police, and whatever other international contingents are sent to join them, should be properly equipped and facilitated. Otherwise there is a risk that the Haiti expedition could turn into a catastrophe.

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William Tyndale
The English Bible translator died on October 6, 1536

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