Enough is enough with Raila demos

In Summary

• Raila Odinga has gained a lot of popular support by highlighting the rising cost of food and fuel

• Charles Hornsby analysed the IEBC whistleblower report and said that it fabricated results to show that Raila was the winner

Unfortunately the 'mass action' organised by Raila Odinga is based on a probably fictitious document.

The report from an anonymous whistleblower about the August 2022 election was denounced by political expert Charles Hornsby who said it switched votes from Ruto to Raila.

Raila failed to produce a single forged Form 34A in his petition to the Supreme Court which therefore rejected it as 'hot air'.

That bitter truth is probably why there was a very poor turnout among opposition politicians for yesterday's 'mass action' to seize control of the government.

Yesterday's 'mass action' failed to topple the government. Enough is enough. It is time for Raila to call off his demonstrations which are achieving nothing apart from undermining him and worrying investors. 

Nevertheless Raila's appeal on the cost of living has resonated with the masses. He has gained popular support by highlighting the rising cost of food and fuel. The government should not ignore how sensitive this matter has become for ordinary people.

Even if the government cannot reverse these price rises, they should at least acknowledge them so that people don't think they are being ignored.

Quote of the day: "People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election."

Otto von Bismarck

He became the first Chancellor of the German Empire on March 21, 1871

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