Both Raila and Ruto need to climb down

In Summary
  • Although Raila has a right to call public meetings, the latest call may be premature.
  • President Ruto should focus on delivering his promises and avoid irrelevant sideshows
Raila, Ruto Twitter spat
Raila, Ruto Twitter spat

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has announced a series of rallies in protest against the parliamentary probe of four IEBC commissioners.

He accuses President William Ruto of a witch-hunt and planning to instal a friendly electoral commission ahead of the 2027 election.

Although Raila has a constitutional right to hold rallies whenever he wants, his latest calls may be premature or could be an overreaction.

The new government is barely 100 days old in office following a hard-fought protracted divisive electoral campaign.

That campaign saw the economy deteriorate because investors were hesitant and the situation was made worse by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Holding public rallies across the country will return Kenya to election mode and could further slow down the much-needed economic recovery.

It may be useful for both the opposition and the Executive to climb down and engage in meaningful dialogue instead in the interest of Kenyans both sides serve.

As President, Ruto should be magnanimous in victory and avoid things that may distract him from delivering on the promises he made to Kenyans when campaigning.

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