IEBC must not let public down

In Summary

• The latest Radio Africa opinion poll shows that a majority of Kenyans believe that the presidential election will be free and fair

• The August 2022 presidential election is likely to be one of the most polarised for years

IEBC is now fully constituted with seven commissioners.
IEBC is now fully constituted with seven commissioners.
Image: IEBC

Perhaps surprisingly, most Kenyans are confident that the presidential election in August 2022 can be free and fair.

The monthly Radio Africa poll found that 59 per cent of respondents 'strongly agreed' or 'agreed that ballot boxes will be secure; 56 per cent that the votes will be counted fairly; and 60 per cent that the IEBC will be impartial.

Yet, as we all know, this will be one of the most highly charged presidential elections for decades as old foes (once allies) battle it out.

In this highly polarised environment, it is vital that Kenyan voters accept the final result as free and fair - whether or not their preferred candidate is the victor.

It is therefore vital that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission discharges its mandate effectively and independently.

The IEBC complained that last year that it was being underfunded by government and this could compromise its ability to run a credible election. This was compounded by the government's refusal to allow foreign donors to help fund the IEBC.

Yet this popular vote of confidence in the IEBC is a good starting point. the wananchi are on their side. They must not let them down, whatever handicaps they face in election finance.

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