Justice Koome should avoid state capture

In Summary

• The Judicial Service Commission has nominated Justice Martha Koome to become the next Chief Justice

• Justice Koome has a strong record of standing up for the rights of women and disadvantaged people

Justice Martha Koome.
Justice Martha Koome.
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The Judicial Service Commission has recommended that Justice Martha Koome become the next Chief Justice.

Appeal Court judge Koome has a strong record. She has been dispassionate in her judgements and not tainted by accusations of bias or influence.

During her interview with the JSC, she pointed out that she had always defended the legal rights of women. She is also proud of her humble background from Meru so she can be expected to continue to judge cases on their merit and not on the social status of the plaintiffs and defendants.

She is a worthy nominee for CJ and the National Assembly and the President should go ahead to confirm her.

Some losing candidates are querying her selection and demanding to see the internal marking by the JSC members. There are always sore losers in Kenya - whether for elections, appointments or contracts. They should be ignored in this case.

However Koome should follow the example of Willy Mutunga and David Maraga and steer clear of state capture. The Judiciary is equal to the Legislature and the Executive under the Constitution. It should not be subservient to either of them.

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