Act responsibly during third wave of Covid-19

In Summary

• A 'third wave' of Covid is sweeping across Kenya and positivity rates have risen to 16 percent

• The AstraZeneca vaccine is now being administered and will slow down the spread of Covid

Jerusha Malini, a nurse at KNH, is vaccinated against Covid-19 on March 5, 2021.
Jerusha Malini, a nurse at KNH, is vaccinated against Covid-19 on March 5, 2021.
Image: Fredrick Omondi

There appears to be a 'third wave' of Covid infections hitting Kenya. There have been some high profile deaths and the positivity rate of tests has hit 16 percent, its highest level since the pandemic reached Kenya.

This should not be a cause for panic but it should be a cause for caution.

This month Kenya started vaccinating health workers with the AstraZeneca vaccine and will soon move onto other groups of frontline workers. This will slow down the spread of Covid-19 in Kenya.

The scare stories about AstraZeneca are overdone. The incidence of blood clots in vaccinated Europeans appears to be no greater than the statistical average. It may not be as effective as the Pfizer vaccine but it will still give a high degree of protection.

But the vaccine alone will not be enough to stop Covid. People must change their behaviour.

The present surge in Covid cases is probably because Kenyans decided that the worst was over. Many stopped social distancing and wearing masks. And now many more Kenyans have been infected.

So let's practise self-discipline. Wear a mask, don't socialise in public, distance from other people, and observe the curfew.

Quote of the day:  "If it is not right, do not do it; if it is not true, do not say it."

Marcus Aurelius
The Roman emperor died on March 17, AD 180