Kenya needs stability and peace in Uganda

In Summary

• Young musician Bobi Wine is the main contender facing President Museveni in today's presidential election

• Museveni has been in power since January 26, 1986, when his NRA guerilla army captured Kampala

Uganda's Bobi Wine, President Yoweri Museveni./COURTESY
Uganda's Bobi Wine, President Yoweri Museveni./COURTESY

Today Uganda goes to the polls to choose a new president. The election has boiled down to a contest between President Museveni, in power now for 34 years, and Bobi Wine, a young musician MP.

This is ignominious for Museveni. Museveni is a serious intellectual who restored stability to Uganda after 15 years of anarchy in which around 600,000 people died. Bobi Wine has a diploma in performing arts from Makerere. He is undoubtedly brave but he is not expert in policy or government.

This should be a mismatch between a heavyweight and a lightweight. Instead Museveni finds himself in a serious battle where he may not get a simple majority on the first round. 

Three-quarters of Ugandans were born after 1986 when Museveni came to power. Those young people are frustrated, they want change and the old man now appears to be an obstacle.

It is in Kenya's interest that there is stability in its largest trading partner. If Museveni does win this election, he must resolve the question of succession so that there will be a peaceful transfer of power in the near future.

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