Protect yourself to avoid 'second wave' lockdown

In Summary

• On Sunday government said there had been another 685 Covid cases raising the spectre of a 'second wave'

• In September government allowed bars to re-open because Covid infection rates were falling

On Sunday the government warned that Kenya could be entering a 'second wave' of Covid infections and this time with more severe symptoms.

Africa has suffered less than Europe and America from the Covid virus, perhaps due to a more youthful population, widespread BCG vaccinations in childhood, or the warm and humid climate.

But African governments, including Kenya, have also implemented effective public health measures. Entry requirements for visitors, lockdowns of cities like Nairobi, and the order to wear masks in public brought a dramatic drop in Covid infection rates.


Consequently, the government was able to relax some Covid regulations, allowing bars to re-open and reducing the hours of curfew.

Unfortunately many Kenyans took this to mean that the Covid threat had passed. They stopped wearing masks and social distancing. The results were predictable—Covid infection rates started shooting up again.

Now there is a risk of another lockdown, which would be inconvenient for individuals and disastrous for businesses.

To avoid that second lockdown, to protect ourselves and others, we should all wear masks and socially distance. It's a small price to pay for continuing economic and social stability.

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