It will be risky going to church on Sunday

In Summary

• Churches can re-open so long as the participants do not exceed 100 and the service does not last longer than one hour

• Latest research shows that Covid-19 can be transmitted through airborne droplets as people talk and sing

Deliverance Church Umoja during third service on March 15.
LESS THAN HALF: Deliverance Church Umoja during third service on March 15.

The government is allowing churches to re-open so long as not more than 100 people are in the congregation.

Yet the spread of coronavirus in Kenya is accelerating and hospitals are filling up.

So is it wise to go to church this weekend? Our pastors are not confidence-inspiring. In Mwingi they say that the government time limit of one hour is not enough to duly 'honour' God. With that kind of attitude, will they properly enforce social distancing and self-protection?

The limit of 100 participants will be difficult to enforce. In small local churches, there may be serious overcrowding. As people get excited and inspired, they may forget the 1.5 metre separation. In any case, we now know that the virus can spread through airborne droplets.

It would be safer not go to church this weekend. Don't risk catching the virus in a large gathering. Pray to God at home and he will still listen to you.

And if you still feel that you must go to church, make certain to wear your mask at all times and regularly put sanitiser on your hands.

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