Was girl subjected to criminal kidnap?

In Summary

• 12-year old girl was kept for six days in the cells in Isebania Police Station

• She went to the station that she had been defiled by her father who is a police officer

Crime scene
Crime scene

A policeman allegedly defiled his 12-year old daughter in Kuria West last month when she went to his house to collect school fees.

She reported the matter to the police but they locked her up in the cells for six days.

It is unclear why the girl was kept in the cells since her grandmother, who she lives with, had wanted to take her home.


The police in Isebania claim there was a lack of evidence to prosecute the father but the suspicion remains that they were trying to help a fellow officer escape justice. The longer she remained in the cells, the more difficult it would be to get physical evidence that she had been defiled. The father was also allegedly pleading with the girl to drop her complaint.

The police should have handed the girl to the Children's Department if they were worried about her wellbeing, or to a Borstal if they thought she had committed a criminal offence.

Therefore this appears to be a case of criminal kidnap, even though it took place in the police station. IPOA should urgently investigate and, where necessary, prosecute those concerned.

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