KAA must explain the mystery of stowaway

In Summary

• The air temperature at 35,000 feet is minus 54C. No-one can survive in that cold air.

• The stowaway definitely took off in a Kenya Airways plane from JKIA. How was that possible?

Confusion has been escalating over the identity of the stowaway who fell out of a plane over London (see P6). Sky Television claimed he was one Paul Manyasi but used photographs of Cedric Shivonje who is allegedly in prison. 

The stowaway fell out of a Kenya Airways plane on June 30 this year. The body, which had frozen into a block of ice, crashed to the ground in south London after the plane's landing gear opened.

The stowaway definitely took off from Nairobi on the KQ plane which followed that flight path over south London. There have been claims that he might have come from Johannesburg on an earlier flight with the same plane. But the stowaway could not have survived that flight either as the air temperature at 35,000 feet is minus 54C.

How did the stowaway get on the plane? He could only have done so with the collusion of staff on the runway. Even if, hypothetically, he had come from South Africa, why was the plane's undercarriage not checked before take-off for intruders?

Kenya Airports Authority owes us an explanation. 

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