Obsession with BBI derails focus on real issues


In Summary

• The BBI report isn't even out, but people say they know the contents and are already fighting over it. 

• We've lost focus on major issues such as debt, the high cost of living, lack of jobs , the high cost of healthcare and corruption.  

BBI chairman Senator Yusuf Haji and Amos Wako at a citizens' engagement forum in Nairobi.
BBI chairman Senator Yusuf Haji and Amos Wako at a citizens' engagement forum in Nairobi.

Kenyans love politics. We eat, sleep and dream politics from one election to the other.

While debate is healthy, our engagements are devoid of substance and mostly focus on personalities instead of issues.

The country is gripped by a debate on constitutional changes as encapsulated in the Building Bridges Initiative.


The report is not yet out, but tempers are flaring and battle lines are drawn.

You would think the BBI report is a matter of life and death as it has overshadowed all other serious issues.

We have a debt crisis, the government is living from hand to mouth, corruption has become a hydra, neighbouring communities are butchering each other over boundaries, many are dying for lack of affordable health services as floundering enterprises sack hundreds of workers daily.

None of these issues is being discussed.

You can change the Constitution a thousand times but if institutions are not working and the economy is in ICU, it will mean little to that Kenyan in Marsabit who has sleepless nights because of insecurity.

When famine strikes, the Constitution will not put food on the table of that famished Turkana kid.

If leaders used half the energy they pour into politics into improving lives, this would be a great country.



Quote of the Day: And I always voted at my party's call, and I never thought of thinking for myself at all.

Sir William Schwenck Gilbert

The English dramatist was born on November 18, 1836