Don't condemn foul-mouthed Consolata boy, offer support

Parents demand suspension of the boy who made threats

In Summary

• In a video that went viral, a Class 7 pupil threatens a Class 4 pupil using vile language for calling him gay.

• This boy needs counselling and should be made aware of his cruelty. Punishment is not the answer, controlling acess to social media would help.


The logo at Consolata School.
The logo at Consolata School.

Consolata School in Westlands has been in the news for sad reasons.

A video went viral on social media in which a Class 7  boy threatens a fellow pupil using disturbingly uncouth language.

The boy claims the Class 4 pupil had accused him of being gay, causing hatred for him by pupils and teachers.

This incident has caught the country's attention. The school has been under pressure from parents demanding immediate suspension of the boy using insults.

That boy has since posted a video apologising to his schoolmates, the school and the public.  

This is commendable. While his actions are reprehensible and totally unacceptable, he should not be condemned.

The boy desperately needs guidance and counselling. Punishment is not the right remedy at this juncture in his young life.

Reports indicate he has had a troubled upbringing which might explain his vile words.

That is why Consolata School and the government should do everything possible to ensure the child is made aware of his mistakes and protected in the spirit of the Children’s Act.

This should be a wake-up call to parents and guardians.

Without clear guidance and proper supervision, the early and uncontrolled exposure of children to social media is dangerous.