Police should not block coverage of boy kidnap

In Summary

• Police negligent not to check Gertrude and MP Shah hospital records

• Mazzoncinis were legal guardians when the child was seized

Matt and Daisy Mazzoncini
Matt and Daisy Mazzoncini
Image: FILE

Yesterday the Children's Court heard an application by Daisy and Matt Mazzoncini to recover a young boy for whom they are the legal guardians (see P3).

The court hearing had been delayed for almost three weeks and yesterday the Child Welfare Society requested that their guardianship be cancelled and claimed the child did not suffer from epilepsy as they claimed.

The child had been happily living with the Mazzoncinis for two years before the police grabbed him on April 5. The boy has become a pawn in a power struggle.

The police seized the child without a court order. They then boasted that they had rescued the child, then denied it, and then said it was an unauthorised operation.

The CWS claim that the child is perfectly healthy and does not have epilepsy. But have the police been to MP Shah and Gertrude hospitals to check if the child was treated for severe epilepsy? If not, this was gross negligence. 

Yesterday the police applied for the media to be stopped from covering the case. Presumably, they did not want their shortcomings exposed. Thankfully the court refused.

Quote of the day: "Good questions outrank easy answers."

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