It's time to search our conscience

Journalists at Harambee House during a media briefing.
Journalists at Harambee House during a media briefing.
Image: FILE

Kenya is beset with a myriad of unfortunate situations. Many of these situations are of our own makings.

While the media are preoccupied with Ruto this, Raila that and Uhuru where and why, they are easily sucked into news that is of no long term value. What, for instance, happened to the two abducted Cuban doctors? Where is the Italian girl seized in Malindi? How do all these abductions impact our international relations?

Lately, we have been assailed by visions of our future leaders learning under trees or in dilapidated structures that pass for classrooms in places like Kilifi and Baringo.

Understandably, some counties have endured underdevelopment since colonial days. But the 2010 Constitution came up with ideas such as the Equalisation Fund that if well used, can complement the funding of classrooms.

Where is our collective conscience when underfed children learn under trees as governors and county executives live in mansions and ride in fuel guzzlers?

We should search ourselves and decide whether it is legitimate to be governed by thieves, tyrants, madmen and fools.

Let us not delude ourselves. The implosion of a system of government normally follows many years of bad decisions and unheeded warnings. Simmering unrest eventually rises to a full boil.